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Demons and Angels… ALIENS!

Yes! A Sci-Fi Omegaverse twist on the Demons and Angels all while being ‘stuck together’ in prison. Let’s see what kind of magic these five can conjure up!

Current Project

Dark Academy Paranormal

I’m an outcast witch, forced to attend magic school with five males who won’t leave me alone—a fated mate dragon shifter, a surly vampire, a protective druid, a seductive incubus, and a hot teacher wolf shifter.
If I try to escape, it will destroy me.

Coming in June… I’m with a group of twenty two other authors who will all be bringing you dark academia, witchy, reverse harem academy romances!

We will have prizes and giveaways, pics of our harems, sneak peaks, and more fun!

More details coming soon!
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Upcoming Project

Bewitching Her Monsters Series

A werewolf, a gargoyle, a phoenix, and a demon walk into the bar…
Yeah, it sounds like a set-up to a bad joke. But this is my life, and it just got weird.

As a hopeless romance author, I go out to a local bar, looking for something to cure my writer’s block. When I discover four of the hottest guys I’ve ever seen in real life, this forty-year-old homebody finds all the inspiration I need.
For my books, of course.
But when I dare to take a couple of sneaky pictures with my phone, they catch me ogling.
Now, I believe they are following me. Maybe they’re worried that I overheard something I shouldn’t have. From how shifty they were acting, they might be involved in shady dealings.

The little witch was spying on us. I need to find out who she’s working for.
Is it for the Witch Council? If so, then I don’t need to worry… much.
But if it’s for our sworn enemy, then I’m not above a bit of torture so I can find out what she knows about our friend’s death.
Either way, her mesmerizing hazel eyes or those lush curves won’t save her now. The four of us have been burned by a woman before.
Never again.

Bewitching Her Monsters series is a medium burn reverse harem paranormal romance series about one witch and her five love interests.

If you like fated mates, grown-ass female main characters, both protective, growly and cinnamon roll alphas, mysterious ghosts, monsters, enemies to lovers, and mystery, mistaken identities and secrets, you will love this series.
This series includes: steamy sex scenes including MM scenes, violence, knotting, and monsters who bump in the night.

More about Yve

   Yve Vale is a reverse harem romance author. She writes about strong females and sexy magical males exisiting in fantasy, paranormal, and omegaverse worlds.
   She is a lover and a fighter. This is why her books feature a fair amount of action, both in romantic endeavors and in battle.

Reverse harem Series

Shadowcraft Academy:

A RH Dark Paranormal Academia Series.

Hexed – Jinxed – Cursed

Omega Myths:

A series of Sci-fi Alien Omegaverse Standalones.

Chained Fates

Bewitching Her Monsters:

 A Monsters Series + GAWRH (Grown-Ass Woman Reverse Harem) series.


Wild For Yule in Monsters & Mistletoe Anthology

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