Fae Hearted Series

A COMPLETED Reverse Harem Fantasy Romance

The exciting prequel to the Shadowcraft Academy series.

The Fae Hearted Series is a fantasy romance that features
one human woman and three Elven males.

Please see Trigger Warnings page for more info about content.

Between Realms

Fae Hearted: Book One

A human servant with a secret.
A tempting deal with an Elven prince.
Three elves willing to break all the rules for her…

As an indentured servant summoned to the Elven court, I fear my rule-breaking ways have been discovered. When I arrive at the castle, the powerful and handsome Elven prince makes me a deal for my freedom.
Let him explore my human body… in any way he desires.
But our coupling is forbidden.
Prince Eldrin’s two tempting advisors warn me that the Elven King would rather see me in the ground than in his son’s bed.
So now, thanks to the prince’s keen attention, I’m a prime target for those who want humans to disappear from the realm.
I need to escape my growing affections for these three males before my heart is broken, or I meet my end.

Do I dare leave my Elven keepers behind to brave the mortal realm alone?

And am I more than just a human servant?

Trigger Warning: Steamy scenes including MM in later books, kidnapping, dark themes, violence, and physical assault.



Tangled Secrets

Fae Hearted: Book Two

A broken peace treaty. A dangerous secret. How far will they go for love?

   Abducted and left for dead in the mortal realm, I’m quickly captured by humans. Unfortunately, Oakes and Jaden are arrested for breaking the realms’ peace treaty when they trespassed in their attempt to save me.
   Prince Eldrin must find a way to free us and prevent another realm war.
Willing to risk his immortal life for me, Eldrin’s hotheaded actions could cost him much more than that.
   Once again, I become the center of attention. Both realms see me as a pawn and their key to victory over the other.
But while among the humans, I discover a disturbing secret of my past—heartbreaking and dangerous.
   Dragged into the brewing conflict between elves and humans, will I choose a side?



Chaos Tempted

Fae Hearted: Book Three

Wyn finally wins the freedom to choose her path. But will the cost be too high and destroy them all?

Preventing a realm war isn’t as simple as we had hoped.
Our enemies are closer to their victory than we wanted to believe.
The threats against my life have not abated.
In fact, I’m in more danger now that I’ve chosen to stay with the three elves, and Prince Eldrin has named me the human ambassador to afford me more protection. But my elevated status has the opposite effect.
In response, Eldrin gathers allies to stop his father’s intent to ignite a war. We must prevent the chaos from destroying everything we know.
With my newfound bonds comes a strange magic, and I foresee that Princess Twyla is destined to betray her father, the mortal king.

   Are we strong enough to prevent the disasters we face?


Bonds Eternal

Fae Hearted: Book Four

*The final installment of Wyn’s story!

A Realm War. Fragile mate bonds. And a powerful Elven mage intending to eliminate all humans.

The Elven King and the Unseelie Mage plan to take everything from my mates and me.
The futures of both realms are at stake, and it is up to us to stop the destruction.
But our mate bonds are damaged. As we face impossible challenges, I don’t know who I can trust, not even my mates.
Caught in the middle of the fray, I will do anything to safeguard the realms and thwart the war. But that also means my mates have to protect me at all costs.
Emerging magical powers, a ragtag group of allies, and our desperate hope for a future will have to be enough to thwart the most powerful elves ever known to Fae.