Shadowcraft Academy

A Dark Academy Paranormal Why Choose Romance

I didn’t want magic.
I was supposed to escape.

An outcast witch is forced to attend a magic school with five males who won’t leave her alone–an alpha dragon shifter, a delicious vampire, a protective druid, a seductive incubus, and a hot teacher wolf shifter. If she tries to escape, it will destroy her.

Shadowcraft Academy Series dark reverse harem paranormal romance and will have three full length books.

Trigger warning: Steamy sex scenes including MM, dark themes, bullying, violence, murders, knotting, and monsters who bump in the night.

Bewitching Her Monsters

A Grown-Ass Woman Why Choose Romance

(Set within the Shadowcraft Universe)

A werewolf, a gargoyle, a phoenix, and a demon walk into the bar…
Yeah, it sounds like a set-up to a bad joke. But this is my life, and it just got weird.

This series has five monsters as love interests for a grown-ass witch: a demon, shifter, gargoyle, a phoenix, and a ghost.

If you enjoy enemies to lovers, humor, mistaken identity, M/M relationships, cinnamon roll alphas, growly alphas, a strong, quirky female main character, and knotting, then you will enjoy Bewitching Her Monsters..

This series includes: Steamy sex scenes including MM, violence, possibly triggering situations, murders, abduction, knotting, and monsters who bump in the night.
Recommended for mature readers…


A Dark Magical Fantasy WHY CHOOSE Romance

(The prequel to Shadowcraft Academy!)

A human servant with a secret.
A tempting deal with an Elven prince.
Three elves willing to break all the rules for her…

As an indentured servant summoned to the Elven court, I fear my rule-breaking ways have been discovered. When I arrive at the castle, the powerful and handsome Elven prince makes me a deal for my freedom.
Let him explore my human body… in any way he desires.
But our coupling is forbidden.
I need to escape my growing affections for these three males before my heart is broken, or I meet my end.

Do I dare leave my Elven keepers behind to brave the mortal realm alone?

And am I more than just a human servant?

Trigger Warning: Steamy scenes including M/M, dark themes, violence, and brief attempted assault (outside harem). Check TW page for more.

Shadow Myths

Science Fantasy Why Choose Romance

Shadow Myths is a series of Stand-alone novels rooted in ancient mythology. From the gods of Egypt, Angels and Demons, to the legends of Atlantis, to the concepts of Karma, Past Lives, and Fate, Yve twists the myths of old into why choose/RH romances.

It contains violence, explicit love scenes, knotting, violence, dark themes, slavery, curses, magic.