About Yve Vale


Yve Vale is a why choose/RH romance author. She writes about strong females and sexy magical males existing in fantasy, paranormal, and omegaverse worlds. She blends both dark themes and humor.
She is a lover and a fighter. This is why her books feature a fair amount of action, both in romantic endeavors and in battle.

List of Current and Upcoming Titles:

Shadowcraft Academy – A Dark Academia Paranormal RH Series:

  • Hexed
  • Jinxed
  • Cursed
  • Blessed (Novella for newsletter signups)

Bewitching Her Monsters – A Paranormal GAWRH Series:

  • Bewitching Her Monsters
  • Charming Her Monsters
  • Enchanting Her Monsters

Shadow Myths – Standalone Science Fantasy Why Choose Series:

  • Chained Fates
  • Rebel Fates
  • Switched Fates

Fae Hearted – A Dark Fantasy Why Choose Series

  • Between Realms
  • Tangled Secrets
  • Chaos Tempted
  • Bonds Eternal

Gods Are Hiring – A Fantasy Series

  • My Karmic Destiny, Book 2 of The Karma Duet